In her counsel on First Amendment rights, online defamation, media law, product disparagement, rights of publicity and privacy, and crisis management, Rebecca Nell Kaufman advises prominent individuals, companies, and institutions. She works seamlessly with clients' public relations, business, and criminal defense teams to exert their rights and to prevent—and repair—damage to their reputations and livelihoods.

Rebecca’s main objective in her practice is to help clients before their reputations are damaged. She has helped numerous individuals and corporations avoid the publication of false, defamatory, and potentially ruinous allegations by major media outlets. Her collegial yet firm style with news and media outlets has helped eliminate, or contain, the negative impact of potentially unfavorable publicity for scores of clients.

"Can you get the post taken down?" is a question clients frequently ask Rebecca after being blindsided by negative allegations online. In those circumstances, when adverse content is already public, posted, or broadcast, Rebecca provides insightful advice on the efficacy of a well-worded demand letter for a takedown, litigation, or the pursuit of a damage award.

In addition, Rebecca has helped broker confidential settlements for several clients, and in the process has preserved their valued privacy. She also advises victims of baseless #MeToo allegations. In addition, Rebecca has advised such clients as DynCorp International, Prime Healthcare, and Feed the Children on countering privacy and reputational threats.

Her services and counsel have included and addressed:

  • Defamation
  • Invasion of privacy
  • #MeToo claims
  • Negative reviews
  • Not-for-profit and religious institutions
  • Revenge porn
  • SLAPP suits

Litigator Strength to Knock Down Damaging Content

Rebecca’s background as a business litigator translates to holding the media accountable for damaging allegations when appropriate. Rebecca has successfully litigated claims against ABC News on behalf of the Rev. Frederick K.C. Price that resulted in an apology from ABC to her client. In another matter, she worked on claims on behalf of a Los Angeles real estate investor, who was awarded a $38 million judgment in Las Vegas federal court against a former tenant who defamed him online.

Rebecca's litigation experience crosses numerous industries, including banking, insurance, construction, real estate, technology, and industrial manufacturing. Her background includes cases involving commercial contracts, fraudulent transfer, bond default, insolvency, securities law, product liability, government contracts, environmental, insurance, intellectual property, and real property.

Earlier in her career, Rebecca served as lead associate in a fraudulent transfer lawsuit before the U.S. District Court and Bankruptcy Court that led to a $17 million settlement recovery. She also has extensive experience defending asbestos and silica claims and in conducting internal investigations involving whistleblower and criminal claims.

Rebecca is a graduate of Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University and University of California Berkeley. Her background includes such pro bono work as post-sentencing appeals for death row inmates and helping asylum seekers fleeing religious persecution.


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