Internal & Government Investigations

Bergeson, LLP has substantial experience in conducting internal investigations on behalf of Audit and Special Committees and Special Litigation Committees for both publicly and privately held companies. These investigations involve stock option granting practices; improper revenue recognition; related party issues; venture financing terms; leaks of material non-public information; breaches of fiduciary duty; personal expenses, including travel expenses, paid by the company; allegations of misleading securities disclosures; government contract billing practices; flow of funds; and other business practices.

Bergeson, LLP attorneys also have represented officers and directors with regard to internal investigations conducted by Audit and Special Committees involving stock option granting practices, improper revenue recognition, breaches of fiduciary duty, insider trading, and other matters.

We also have substantial experience representing Audit and Special Committees, corporations, and their officers and directors before regulators, most notably, the SEC. Issues in these matters have included stock option granting practices, improper revenue recognition, business practices, allegations of misleading securities disclosures, obstruction of justice, and insider trading, among others.

Bergeson, LLP utilizes its attorneys’ experience with securities and accounting issues, combined with close working relationships with top forensic accountants, to efficiently and effectively determine the relevant facts, thereby assisting clients in complying with applicable laws and regulations and protecting shareholder value. The Bergeson, LLP team includes attorneys with experience in corporate governance, NYSE and NASDAQ compliance, and SEC reporting and disclosure obligations, as well as investigations conducted on behalf of public oversight boards. Collectively, Bergeson, LLP attorneys have conducted more than 50 internal investigations and have represented numerous officers and directors with regard to Audit and Special Committee and SEC investigations.