Daniel J. Bergeson Partner  
Caroline McIntyre Managing Partner  
Jaideep (Jay) Venkatesan Partner  
Sara Petersen Graves Partner  
Vincent I. Parrett Partner  
John D. Pernick Partner  
Susan Bower Of Counsel  
John W. (Jay) Fowler Of Counsel  
Elizabeth (Betsy) Lear Of Counsel  
 Adam Trigg Senior Counsel  

Affiliated Counsel

For certain matters, Bergeson, LLP also teams up with well-respected counsel, who are not members of Bergeson, LLP, in light of their particular expertise. Bergeson, LLP decides whether to use Affiliated Counsel on a matter-by-matter basis, depending on the needs of the matter. Although these Affiliated Counsel have their own separate law practices, independent from Bergeson, LLP, they are available to Bergeson, LLP on an as-needed basis and include the following people:

Patrick M. Costello Affiliated Counsel  
Anthony Michael Glassman Affiliated Counsel  
Peeyush Jain Affiliated Counsel  
Jared L. Kopel Affiliated Counsel  
Steven Lee Walker Affiliated Counsel  


Jan Balli Executive Director  
Shauna Brill Executive Assistant  
Lara Brostko Senior Paralegal  
Sissel Browder Paralegal  
Michael Rivera Case Assistant  
Areli Garza Administrative Assistant  
Rowena Stewart Billing Coordinator  
Emma Tofelogo-Fernandez Legal Secretary